Wedding Floral Decoration

The most beautiful day of your life should be accompanied by the right floral decoration that will turn your wedding environment into a dreamy setting

Our 30 years of experience in the successful combination of wedding decoration and the high floristry art is the guarantee for a perfect result.

At Anais Flowers (Luxury Events Decoration) with fun, imagination and love of detail we undertake the decoration of your wedding, we decorate the ceremony area with high aesthetic unique objects, combined with seasonal flowers, natural materials and handmade creations, all to offer you the wedding of your dreams.

Because high aesthetics, originality and beauty should be everywhere on the most important day of your life.

Because your desire to create your own fairytale setting for your wedding day is fully respected. And we make it happen in the best way, with vintage or modern mood, always according to your personal choices.

Our goal is to help you live these unique moments of your life as an indelible dream.

Church Decoration

The elaborate decoration is what attracts the eyes and beautifies the environment of the wedding ceremony. Our specialty is the decoration that stimulates the imagination and enchants already from the courtyard.

Inside the church, the scents of the special floral arrangements harmonize with natural materials, creating a solemn atmosphere under the light of candles.

Bridal Bouquet

Fresh flowers, fruits, unique foliage, special decorative elements, unique ribbons and cords. All this forms the bridal bouquet, one of the most important elements of the wedding. The bridal bouquet determines the style of the wedding and stars in the memories and photos.

Wedding Candles

We decorate the church with classic white candles with bouquets of flowers, fruits, branches, wood and anything beautiful in nature, with beautiful fabrics, and with unique ribbons and cords. Alternatively we can have these lovely materials braided into a garland around the candle, creating a very special effect.

And if you want something more innovative and different, we suggest flower arrangements on metal or stone bases.

Bridal Car

In a full wedding, the bride’s arrival at the church is accompanied by the decoration of the car. This is done either with a romantic garland on the front and back, or with small or large compositions, always depending on the style of the wedding.

Decoration of the Reception

Let the beautiful flower arrangements accompany you during the wedding reception. The services we provide you give priority to originality and subtlety.

Floral decoration

When the fine art of floristry meets imagination and originality. It is the art of beautifully blending flowers with natural fruit, wood, and special foliage…

Linking simplicity with elegance…

Which gives a simple and chic result, which is both magical & unique!

After the promise you made of “together forever”, it is time for us to promise you that together we will create and realize the wedding of your dreams.

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